MeepCraft Minecraft Server


One of the greatest experiences of my business career started in 2012 when I became interested in a computer game called Minecraft. After playing with my family and friends on my private Minecraft server for a time, I decided to open my gaming community to the outside world. The release process was tedious at first, but after several weeks I observed a rapid increase in the amount of players in the game. I sold advantages to players to make the server financially sustainable.

After reaching a hundred players online simultaneously, I decided to purchase several dedicated machines in Chicago in order to increase the overall player capacity. I wrote a persuasive letter to the developer of the first Minecraft cloud software, a system that would allow me to connect multiple machines together. As one of the first users of this system, I was able to sustain more than one thousand players on my server simultaneously, an ability that was very rare for a Minecraft community to have at the time.

I acquired thousands of dollars worth of equipment and network protection in order to increase the capacity of my servers, and I employed developers to create custom innovations in the game. Since 2012, over 1 million people have visited my Minecraft server (MeepCraft). My business was mentioned in a Forbes article regarding intellectual property in the rapidly changing IT industry. Today it’s one of the longest lasting large Minecraft communities, while many have tried and failed to replicate its success.

About MeepCraft Minecraft Server

Choosing a server isn't always easy. Here are three reasons why we believe MeepCraft is the best economy server in the world:

Vibrant Community

For the past 4 years MeepCraft has been one of Minecraft's strongest communities. You can interact with hundreds of players simultaneously, connect with players through TeamSpeak, and partake in thousands of discussions on our website. No other server has a community culture like MeepCraft.

Sophisticated Economy

Trade with thousands of players through the virtual shop, buy and short real-life stocks for in-game currency, join a job to earn money through tasks, build your own town or nation, and set taxes for your citizens.

Unique Minigames

Halo, Infected, Boomo, Ultimate Hardcore Survival, Colonies

You will not find MeepCraft's minigames anywhere else. They are all completely custom. You can view comprehensive statistics, gain prestige, and earn money by playing games.

We urge you to click the join button now and give MeepCraft a try. You'll be guaranteed to have an experience that will completely blow you away.

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  • Delivered: January 8, 2012